Drive farther and get better mileage

The tires that ground your vehicle are a huge component of its performance. High-quality tires can help your car drive safely and efficiently. In fact, certain brands of tires have different standards for tires including differences in the tread, material, and weight load capacity.

IVM works with 18 different warehouses to source the best brands in the tire industry. We know what tires will work best for your car and lifestyle needs. Whether you’re offroading or on a race track, you need the tires that will keep you moving.


Tire Maintenance

New tires are great, but they need regular maintenance in order to perform their best. In addition to offering our customers the best brands that use the best tire technologies, we provide regular maintenance.

Our tire mounting and balancing equipment is state-of-the-art and will extend the life of your tires and their driving capabilities.

Don’t let tire maintenance be an afterthought. Tires are an integral part of your car’s performance.

Come and check out our shop!

Come and check out our shop!

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